Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dont Panic Competition- Street Fighter Redesign

The folk at Don't Panic have offered this new competition where,
'We'd like to see your creative envisioning of your favourite character. Show us your fan interpretation of the World Warriors'.

It's a great comp, that gives the winner the prize of having their entry printed out as a A2 poster and distributed internationally!

Here is my stab at the task.

More details about my entry can be seen by clicking the image, or the link below.

Please vote for your favourite!



E-mann said...

Nice blog you got here. I love your rendition of the Street fighters. You know that don't Panic thing is a huge scam. Most people are bumping there scores and bumping down others. the whole thing isn't even based on artistic merit it's a popularity contest. Yours should totally be higher in the raking not a lot of that BS that's up there right now. Anyway sorry to vent lol. Keep up the awesome work I'll deffenetly be keeping an eye on your blog

Dan Yu said...

Hey May! That's a great SF piece!
What are u upto these days??

Sean Covernton said...

Got my vote, yo.

jesse said...

Ahem.. Mayhem!
Thanks dood, I havent been here in a while and I gotta say your reel is looking siick! Good to see the traditional stuff you did in Aus making a cameo.

Other thoughts:
-More spidey doing slam dunks.
Sorry to hear bout the dutch ripping you off like that.. Report em to the BBB and get YOURS!
Been going to basic for some life drawing lately, you in??
Keep on rockin.