Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I'm not too sure what's happening with Joaquin Phoenix these days, but i'm intrigued.
So this image is made up with 2 main colours, red for the BG, and blue for the FG. Then i put a red overlay of paint texture over the top, which allows the blue from underneath to show through; resulting in the purplish which merges the layer as a whole, yet still keeps enough contrast.
You can find pictures of JP boasting his knuckles with the words 'BYE!/GOOD'. I chose to flip it so that the audience can understand the context of what's happening with him, and I've decided to use the word 'Ca$h' as a metaphor for a character he has portrayed and a generic theme often found in rap music. The image of a phoenix in the BG also clues in on who the subject matter is.

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keith wilson said...

Dude, thats deep. Im still trying to wrap my mind around it.