Friday, November 7, 2008


With the time off at hand, i decided to take up a screen printing course (something i've always wanted to do).

I would like to present the OH-FO-SHO, MAYHEM x DANNY TREJO Tee.

For those of you that might not recognize the character on fabric, Danny Trejo is typically seen as the latin, tatooed, baddass, looking mofo's onscreen(tv/movies). Most recently he starred as 'Machette', in one of Rob Rodriguez fake trailers for 'Planet Terror'.

I hear he's actully a really nice guy in real life.

Studio B- Downtime

Hi friends,

Well, my contracts' just wrapped up at the good studio, which means i'll be twiddling my thumbs untill something comes up. Here is a montage of some good peoples who sat around me.
I'm going to consider this time off as a blessing and try to grow me some skills.