Monday, July 14, 2008

Simona Wong x Mayhem

I had first met Simona Wong a couple of years ago. We were both young, i was arrogant, she was nieve. We were different people, but we both knew that we were creatives at heart.

Lifes journey continued for the both of us. Different places, different faces, same passionate drive.

A few months back when i was in Sydney, i was suprised when friend Simona Wong asked for an interview with me for an article she was writing.
This interview with Simona opened my eyes and gave me the chance to reflect on who i was, who i am and who i want to be; as a person and artist.
I see the importance of humility in what i say, how i act, and what i do. there is no point when an artist can be content with what they do. There is always so much more to learn, more to explore, more to fail. For me; its encouraging.

As for Simona, it had been years since i last saw her. She interviews me with a confidence and a charm. She is beautiful; grown ready to share her passion and talent with the world.

Her article can be found:

-May Wa

Cheers Simo, and all the best with your endeavours and adventures! You have so much to offer!


Dan Yu said...

hey man! just dropping by to let you know i'm still alive.
works been good and drawing's awesome.
your digital paintings are kicking more asses by the post.
keep it up!

The Weasel said...

yep, she is a babe. and she got your spirit pegged right.

Simona Wong said...

hey may,
you dedicated a whole section to me, I feel so privileged!!!

thanks dude, you've been such an inspiration, I'm ever in awe..