Thursday, July 3, 2008

Do gifs work? bbzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


yums said...

You have to link-host it from another site. If I was a nerd, I'd know the real technical wording for it. It doesn't work if you upload it directly onto Blogger. I think some ppl use Photobucket or the like, if they dont have their own website.

shyh (shu) chai said...

Make it work! I wanna see!

HEADS UP!!! on Hypebeast it states that the Infrareds are rereleasing this summer. multi-pairs right there!

The Weasel said...

I use photobucket to host images. The reason for it is because the software/host needs to know how to read the gif. a Gif can have many separate layers that can be cycled through to suggest movement. Most hosts do not know how to do this, because the instructions and coding makes it expensive in terms of site management. But if a host has software that recognises it, then the site where the image is posted can access the host's processor power.