Monday, June 11, 2007

Hastings St tee

Something i'm considering entering into threadless. Some feedback please?

Check out their website to see what its all about:


Krayon said...

Yeah looks alright, but I'm going to be one of those that say 'I don't get it.'

Pretty cool though. Reminds me of the one of the Cookie Monster, where he's chowing down on some hash cookies.

Sean Covernton said...

I like it. Watch the font behind the foot... there's a touch of white it looks like poking through the fur right where it meets the foot.

Also I don't know if threadless does this or not but it would be really cool if instead of it just being a print, Oscar was actually fuzzy. I've seen shirts that have the added texture layer to it. But they likely don't do that

Anyways, good luck on Threadless!

douglas said...

sick said...

yo wut's up's max....i bet u still remember me........anyways...i think the idea is kinna cool......but if u can make the dude in the garbage can a different color so it can stand out a'll be better.....anyways man.....i just got a new blog's the link to my blog
come n check out my shit sometimes....peace!