Wednesday, May 30, 2007

BEN LEE and ME (a true story)

Sydney Australia 2005
As we browsed through the bright yellow aisles we were suprised to here the distorted acoustics and crackle of song through microphone and speaker. Australian alternative/folk musician/singer/song writer and ex-beau of Claire Daines', BEN LEE, was performing a live set right there in the store!
There was a humble gathering around the in-store stage and Mark and I made our way over to enjoy the show. I took this opportunity to do some sketching of the live show. By the end of his performance I was pleased with the sketches I had done and was ready to continue through the store.
Ben had announced that he would be meeting fans and signing autographs to the side. Mark had insisted that I show Ben the drawings I had done. I was reluctant, but somehow gathered the courage to meet and greet him. He seemed genuinly impressed with my drawings and so I offered him one of his choice. I was humbled and he accepted.
I returned to Mark pleased with myself. As I turned back to admire the event that had just taken place, we see Ben flocked by a gathering of girls...and no sooner than 5min later, one of the girls pulls away from the flock squeeling with glee whilst clasping on to the drawing I had just given to BEN!!! Did he just give away my drawing?!
It hurts alittle everytime I think of it...I'm trying to move on. *COUGH COUGHjerkCOUGH*


Krayon said...

It's funny. I was just listening to Ben Lee's stuff. The earlier stuff. And I was wondering if you still held this against him.

I suppose you have to separate the artist from the artist's work.

That's gold man.

Anonymous said...

lol what a tosser

Anonymous said...

lol what a tosser


The Weasel said...

I don't exactly known what to (cough) draw from this. However,
You are a legend.
You did not know that JB stands for John Barbuto, a cousin of the Math head at Fairvale, and a former Canley Vale teacher

Sean Covernton said...

If I ever meet this "Ben Lee" for dinner I will bring the subject up with him loudly and to his great embarrassment. The other tables will all stare at him and quietly reprimand him when I excuse myself from the table.

That'll fix him.

mayhem said...

What? Really, I didn't know that about JB. What a coincidence, I graduated from Fairvale High, Class of 2002!!!

Amy said...

As Grimshaw would say:

Ha! But *I* have a Maywa original in my Disney book and I shall not give it up, no matter how famous he gets. Nope :)

keith wilson said...

ow, that cuts deep doesnt it? Cuts right to the bone. Like a knife know what im sayin?