Friday, July 31, 2009

Penticton Show: Mayhem x Krime

Penticton is the home town of partner in KRIME, so were fortunate to have some stuff put into the art gallery there as part of a collective show. These are inked illustrations that were photocopied and coloured with markers, then mounted on foam board.
The opening of the show was a great excuse for me to travel east into the interior Okanagan, so i hopped on a Greyhound (without armour neck support and chest plates) and did just that. Lots of mishief went down, perhaps i'll post some pictures in comming updates.


Meg Shaw said...

awesooooooommmee!!!! I really like the one in the middle. I 'm really glad you survived the greyhound ride and the forest fires.

Jarrett said...

These are top awesome.