Monday, December 1, 2008

CONCRETE JUNGLE- contest- fail

Hi friends,

I entered a competition for a Skate board DVD package to be called 'CONCRETE JUNGLE', not too long ago posted on Animation community site,

My entry made semi's which is pretty rad, but i just got word that i did not make finals. Contrats to the other finalists and best of luck.

It was suggested by a friend that i could have contrasted the foreground characters and the BG characters abit more. Feel free to rip into it...I insist!

Check out the finalists here:

Next time time (grasping hand)


Sean Covernton said...


Mike Vatcher said...

that piece turned out awesome man. I'm digging the pantherish dude.

Meredith said...

Yours was one of my favorites! You did a great job, May. You have very original, cool characters and great use of color too. Keep up the fantastic work! You're a very talented artist.

Tillie Sain said...

I really liked your entry, too. Definitely one of my top faves and I was disappointed to see that it didn't make it further. When they make a Concrete Jungle video game, I vote they give you the cover!

Jei said...


Yours should've been in the finals. More than half the entries in the finals were utter shit. I'm disappointed.

Is the voting panel made up of monkies or something?

Anyhow, love it dude. Its brill.

Krayon said...

How can you have a jungle without a lion, is all I'm saying. Panther dude is wicked though.

But I agree with Jei; I'm not really feeling any of the finalists. Too refined for my liking. Where's the rawness? Sketchy lines would have won me over.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, QD3 (Quincy Jones III) was the judge, I'm sorry to say.

Anonymous said...

Krayon - Sketchy Lines - with you 100%!!

and yeah, QD3 had final say in all of the final entries, and I think a few people were surprised at what did and didn't make it...

mayhem said...

Wow thank you awesome people!

Haha, yeah, i gotta shrug it off; you win some you lose some, but it was cool to be a part of it.

I watched the trailer for the Dvd and tried to formulate my concept behind the concept of the dvd. It felt like it was kinda, 'rags-to-riches', put the bling in, the battle scars, even merging jungle and street themes (something that i was stoked on was the vines wrapping the streetsign).

I also heard that having the Gorilla in there could have seemed racsist? Not intentional. And i thought of a Lion, but then wikiid that Lions live in the DESERT! Haha.

Qd3? Radical.

Thanks everyone! COME BACK FOR MORE!