Monday, March 10, 2008


Udon and Capcom are putting together a Street Fighter Tribute Book; and are looking for submissions!
Oh geez, SF is my shizzat!
Here is the work i'm putting together for my submission in progress.
I know for sure there is gonna be some tough international competition, but to be a world warrior you must first enter the competition.


Drew said...

Very cool piece you got here, I hope to see the completed piece when it is done!

Amy said...

I sent that link to Dan the other day, I thought you guys would get a kick out of that :)

Johnny said...

LOL dude, I love it already just by looking at the shapes.

Blanka looks awesome.

I gotta get this print when ur done with it!

Sean Covernton said...

Blanka kicks ass.

The Publics said...

That's fresh...I've actually been working on some E Honda designs for minute.

Projetor said...

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Timothy Ly said...

Awesome dude. I want it on my wall.