Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sense Assault & Mobux present GAS Nov 2006

'Showcasing graphic design, illustration, sculpture, film, street art and graffiti by some of the most unique, talented and influential artists from around the globe, as well as many exciting up-and-comers.'-

GAS was also host of the Australian premiere of The Run Up; a contemporary art documentry.

I was one of the lucky who were chosen to be part of this expo'. Did I have to hustle my arse off to meet this deadline! Why do I always find out about things too late?

Great night, dope art, cheap drinks.

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MBCmember said...

Dear May,

Hey dude!!! Good Work with the blog!!! Love the drawings, Keep up the good work!!!

Will definitely keep reading your blog dude! So keep posting your stuff up and keep us updated with your life hahah